Creating spaces youll LOVE to live in!

Oh Hey! A BIG welcome from Krystal Kristiansen Design!

Oh Hey! A BIG welcome from Krystal Kristiansen Design!

Oh hey! Welcome to the first official blog post from Krystal Kristiansen Design!

My dream at Krystal Kristiansen Design is to fill this space with warm thoughts, design ideas and tips that inspire you to rethink the way you decorate your home. I want you to get just as excited as I get about the design process! It’s about creating a space that you love to live in.

Imagine you walk into a home that instantly brings feeling of comfort. That personality shines through, in every piece on display. It feels relaxing and effortless and well loved. Imagine spending your days in this well thought out space, surrounded by things that bring you comfort and joy. Items that spark a memory of family adventures, and inspire you to make new ones. Colours on the wall that are bright and fresh, or warm and calming – which ever works for YOU! This is your home.

Keep in mind that everything I write about won’t be for you. Some things you won’t see the value in, they won’t bring you joy and thats ok. You don’t have to like everything. You also don’t have to do something in your home just because it’s ‘trendy’ or new. Some posts will speak to you, and others won’t. Don’t force it. Embrace the design elements you love and curate a home filled with those things! If you need assistance or don’t know where to start- I’m always ready and excited to start a new project!

Also, if you’re looking for some of my well loved content from MGD you can find that here in the coming weeks. I am working on importing and updating it so its fresh, relevant but still just as helpful as before.

And with this, I say again – Welcome! and now I begin to bring to you “Spaces you love to live in!”

This is my dream for you, for Krystal Kristiansen Design, and we’re just getting started.

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