Oh hey!

I am thrilled to see you here, at my new home for all things Krystal Kristiansen Design.

I'm Krystal. You can learn even more about me over on the About tab. I'll be the voice for KKD... wait! Unless I can talk my Handyman Hero to take the reigns and share some of his awesome building knowledge... Brett? Ha! 

My dream for this space is to keep it real when it comes to design challenges, and real life problems from the realms of new builds to renovations. I'll share DIY projects, design tips and walk you though projects and I take them on. One huge undertaking is our very own dream house, for our very own family- and you can trust that I'll be sharing all of the ups and downs we face along the way. 

So, with us being better acquainted please grab a drink (My french press is always close!) and let's get at it!